North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC · 2015 - present

  • College of Engineering, Computer Science
  • College of Humanities and Social Science, German Studies

North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics - Durham, NC · 2013 - 2015


Languages · Java/Kotlin, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Golang, Swift, C#, HTML/CSS

Frameworks · Android, iOS, Flask, WPF, Hugo

Databases · PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

Operating Systems · Linux (Arch, Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS), MacOS, Microsoft Windows

Software and Tools · Git/GitHub/GitLab, Gerrit, IntelliJ IDEA, Docker, Ansible, Bash, JIRA, Proxmox, pfSense/OPNSense, Visual Studio, various Linux utilities


Garmin International · Software Engineering Intern · May 2018 - July 2018

  • Created in-house testing application to help test and diagnose a new Garmin product. Application was written in C# and Windows Presentation Foundation, and used the Model-View-Viewmodel design pattern to ensure efficient updates of the frontend.
  • Maintained Garmin Impact Android and iOS apps, including fixing bugs, improving performance and code, and adding requested features.

Garmin International · Part-time Software Engineer · August 2017 - December 2017

  • Maintained Garmin Impact Android and iOS apps, and added cloud synchronization feature. Work included synchronization design and implementation.

Garmin International · Software Engineering Intern · May 2017 - July 2017

  • Created Android and iOS companion apps for Garmin Impact, a baseball sensor. Apps were written in Java and Swift, respectively. Work included project design, feature implementation, bug fixes and performance profiling.


DevOps Introduction to IoT
Senior Design Software Security
Computer Security Cloud Computing
Programming Languages and Modeling Software Engineering
Concepts of Operating Systems Automata and Grammar in Computing
Data Structures and Algorithms Computer Organization and Assembly
C and Software Tools Ethics in Computer Science
Communication in Engineering and Technology Introduction to Linear Algebra
Discrete Mathematics Statistics and Probability